Going beyond a custom website, we have custom web applications. These are websites with entirely new functionality that might not yet be available, or is available, but needs updating, tweaking, etc. For example we had a new client come to us recently wanting to streamline his lead and customer workflow – a website for employees to manage leads and customers specific to their industry. We worked together to plan out an initial scope, signed an agreement per the scope, and then got to work building this new application. Our team worked with our client to design what it would look like, how it would work, and then launched the new site.

So what does a Custom Web Application cost?  Sometimes if an company has used a good CMS – they can extend some custom functionality and quickly add in what you need for only a couple of hours’ worth of programming and design work. In other cases – I would hesitate to say – MOST other cases – custom web applications are the most expensive endeavors.